• 20131116_133724

    Street Art XXXI

    LOCATION : Downtown Toronto ARTWORK SYNOPSIS : Anser’s Mysterious Date Anser’s Mysterious Date, created in early 2007, is an attempt to create a more publicly inclusive form of graffiti. Through the use of traditional graffiti mark making methods,the face was developed to engage a typically ignored public. Instead of stylized letters which Anser had done
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  • 2011-11-22_12.30.58

    Street Art XXX

    LOCATION : Kensington Market – Around the Park ARTWORK SYNOPSIS : “ANONYMOUS” – Lots of city wide changes have been speculated mostly as negative anticipations since the Mayor was elected few years ago. Whether this is true, is a matter of debatable public opinion however we can hardly dispute the relevance of our truth premise
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  • 2010-08-18_13.40.12

    Street Art XXIII

    LOCATION : Queen St W and Dovercourt Rd – Behind Industrial Storm ARTWORK SYNOPSIS : CHEECH AND CHONG is a comedic duo with materials associated with the hippie movement and a love for smoking pot. Painted by MOTEL, the original sketch work stayed up for over four months before the creative process took a completion.
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Graffiti-On-Canvas Show
"In collaboration with Culture Days and the Neighbourhood Arts Network, Toronto Public Library hosts over 80 Toronto-based artists and arts organizations in a celebration of arts and culture at library branches throughout the city of Toronto. ArtsyCity presents Graffiti-On-Canvas Show at Jane / Dundas Library."